Top Ten: Favourite Things to do on a Friday Night

It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend. Friday, Friday. Gettin’ down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend. – Rebecca Black

So, it’s Friday. Yay. Phew. TGIF. TGIFF. It’s finally over. Le Sigh. Party time! Or, you write a little song about it. So many reactions to the end of the week. For many, it means the end of the work week. For others it means the start. For this girl, it means the end of the work week, 99% of the time.

There are several and varying ways how I like to spend my Friday nights. In no particular or ranking order, here are my top ten favourite (yes, that’s how Canadians spell favorite) ways to spend my Friday nights.

1) Grocery Shopping – Oh, yes! Why? Because the grocery stores are generally quiet as ever. Sometimes after a hectic week, it is a calm date-night. Of course, I follow up each trip with a visit to the wine store (duh!). Upside: No line ups. Down-side: Not a lot of fresh produce at 9pm on Friday nights.

2) Getting completely dolled up (inclusive of fake eye lashes), while sipping wine in the process before going out and getting my dance on. Now, I tend to bring the party girl out in full force, so I do this about once every 6 months. My 31-year-old system (while not that old) isn’t as forgiving as my 18-year-old system once was.

3) Read (and sometimes with wine). Hello 50 Shades trilogy – what a great way to spend any Friday night. It’s awesome and I loves me a good smutty book. Hey, at least I admit it. This would also be my plug to tell you all to follow @SmutBookClub on the twitter, or twatter. Whatever.

4) Date night with my boyfriend or husband. He’s the same guy, by the way. Married makes me feel so vanilla, so I get all spicy sometimes and call my husband my Fifty.. Err, I mean my boyfriend. This usually includes fine-dining, if I can help it, followed by a visit to the Red Room of Pain. Okay, fine that doesn’t exist in our house, but you get my point. A night for us.

5) A Beauty Night. You know, a night to prep for Saturday night. Facial, pedicure, mani, bleaching, waxing, cooter maintenance, tweezing – whatever is involved, usually involves wine. Sometimes. A lot. Whatever, beauty nights are meant to relax and unwind – wine goes hand-in-hand. If no wine, then peppermint tea.

6) Karaoke. Quiet now, on occasion I like to get down with mic and put my best Tiffany voice on. This is my list remember.

7) A night with my ladies, staying in. We get together at someone’s house. Talk, laugh and feed the soul the way it needs to be fed – with pure and honest friendship. Something about staying in, where I don’t have to put on make up and I can just be raw. With my ladies.

8) Writing. I write a lot. Stories mostly. Blogging is just a small part of the writing I do. Maybe one day, my friends. Maybe one day I’ll pull that shiz out for you.

9) Family visits. We all bitch about them, but at the end of the day, I dig my family. Quirky and all, I’ll take it.

10) Being solo. Loves solo time. Husband is out. I’ve turned off my phone and it’s glorified me time to play with my dogs, watch shitty TV. Whatever I do, it’s guilt-free, me time.

Now you all likely think less of me. Meh, it’s what I do. It’s what I like. There are lots more, but that’s my top ten. What do you like to do on Friday nights?

Happy Friday!!

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4 responses to “Top Ten: Favourite Things to do on a Friday Night

  1. You better not bitch about family nights that consist of me! ;) My list would consist of mostly the same things as you! Minus smutty books – give me YA novels any day, that’s my guilty pleasure.

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